About Us


About The Brand

The two key ingredients in our establishment - ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Xin’ (which means the heart in Chinese) - combined to form Nutrixin.


The embodiment

of real nutrients


Xin (心)



Xin (心) - heart

With a heart to make a difference to the lives around us, we rigourously craft foods that are full of wholesomeness to the body, gentle to the well-being and kind to every person. 

Proven sciences and responsible market practices are of the essence in our constant quest for better health. Made in an ISO-22000 and halal certified facility, using a low-heat pasteurisation process with no added sugar, preservatives or colourings, all-natural nutrients of our essences are carefully mined to boost their significance to your body. 

The Embodiment of Real Nutrients

Simply believing in we are what we consume, we get to the heart of a natural food – the core nutrients of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, to extend their nutritive benefits and optimize their nutritional value to our daily diet.


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