Nutrixin® Appeel™


Discover The Quintessence of Apples

Go further in life with the nutrients and nourishment your body needs with the power of 100% natural Nutrixin® Appeel™ - Apple Peel Essence.

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Apple Polyphenols and Quercetin

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High in antioxidants and Vitamin C

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Boosts immunity

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Good for heart, eye and skin health

Nutrixin® Appeel™ is a 100% natural Essence scientifically formulated to fully harness the full nutraceutical benefits of apples in a single serving. Not only high in vitamins C, Nutrixin® Appeel™ is packed with apple polyphenols and quercetin which are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Quercetin and polyphenols are extracted and concentrated from delicately prepared apple peel before blending with natural sources of vitamin C – the result is Nutrixin® Appeel™ which boosts the bioavailability and efficacy of these bioactive nutraceutical molecules. The amounts of nutraceuticals enriched in Nutrixin® Appeel™ are determined using validated results from clinical trials and scientific studies.

Beneficial Nutrients

Appeeling Facts

Amaze yourself by the heart-to-hard nutritional facts of Nutrixin® Appeel™

An apple a day keeps you-know-who away. If you’re disposing off the peels of apples, you’re missing out on their true nutritional worth, since apple peels are rich in fibers and a variety of vitamins, and have two to six times the antioxidant power of the fruit’s flesh. Here are some creative ways to use Apple Peels to help you enjoy all its benefits in many different ways.